Your Options

You and your loved ones will have some choices to make for the funeral service.  We can guide you with these choices, and then coordinate and arrange everything for you.

  • Choice of burial or cremation
    Our cremations are performed locally and are a standard price across Central Otago and Lakes District.
    Burial costs may differ between cemeteries.

  • The day, time and venue of your loved ones funeral service

  • Who is to lead the service? e.g. clergy, celebrant and a family member or friend

  • Is having your loved one at home for viewing a preference or would you like to use our viewing rooms?

  • What style and colour of casket or coffin do you wish to use?

  • Who will be the Pall-bearers?

  • The music to be played before, during and after proceedings e.g. organist or favourite music of the families and deceased.

  • Who will  offer the tribute at the funeral, whether you open it up to the congregation or have designated speakers.

  • What flowers would be appropriate as the casket spray?

  • The wording that would be appropriate in the newspaper announcement

  • Which paper/s would you like the announcement to be published in?

  • Would you like people to make donations or a flower tribute?

  • How would you like to personalise the proceedings for your loved one?

  • Would your family like a tribute at the graveside? e.g. The last post or a floral tribute

  • Whether you wish Processional Vehicles