About Us

Caring, Sharing and Walking alongside

Lynley Claridge Janice Millis Dip FD

Janice and Lynley founded Affinity Funerals out of a wish to provide a lasting and important family memory for our community, out of what could otherwise be a difficult and traumatic event.  With a caring and sympathetic approach, Affinity Funerals believe that each funeral is unique to the life of your loved one and we will tailor our funeral service to encapsulate the life that was and to meet your family wishes.

Our service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the first consultation through to the final hour of resting we will be there for you offering a genuine approach with warmth and understanding.

Affinity Funerals is based on a family structure with a belief that we are all unique.  With our special quality of warmth, sincerity and sympathy we will walk through each stage of the funeral service with you.

You will have the choice of how you want your last days with your loved one to be shared.  We encourage you and your family to have your loved one at home, and to participate in the service if you wish.  We also offer the choice of using our home to say your last goodbye.

The standard of service that Affinity Funerals qualified team offers signifies a refreshing and welcome change, bringing funeral care to a new and unprecedented level of professionalism and family support during and well after the burial of your loved one.