Our Role

Affinity will assist you in every detail of care for your loved one, from the moment of death until they reach their final resting place.

Affinity are here to provide continuous professional help and experience at this stressful time. Our dedicated team of funeral directors will provide complete support for your family, whether it be co-ordinating the funeral itself, liasing with celebrants or clergy, placing funeral notices, filing paperwork and full mortuary services - anything your event may require.

Funeral arrangements

Finding a suitable time and day for the funeral

Selecting an appropriate Minister or Celebrant

Selecting an appropriate venue

Selecting clothing for the deceased

Scheduling a viewing time at the funeral home or other venue

Discussing floral arrangements for the casket

Discussing and writing funeral notices

Affinity also

Book the cemetery or crematorium

Liaise with the local RSA when the deceased is an ex-service personnel

Arrange and prepare audio or visual memorial presentations

Arrange for and serve refreshments at the funeral

Create a memorial book

We also manage paperwork

Completing and lodging the Notification of Death registration

Completing cremation/order for burial forms

Ordering a copy of the Death Certificate

Providing a funeral cost estimate

Your funeral director will be able to answer any questions you may have, and will see you personally through the complete funeral process.


The heart of our work is ensuring respect and dignity for the deceased until they reach their final resting place. Embalming is a key part of this process.

Embalming is an important element in the care of the deceased. The process has three main purposes: Preservation, Preparation and Presentation.

If there is to be a viewing, embalming ensures a more natural and peaceful appearance and removes any health hazards. It is also required if the deceased is to be transported to another location.

Our fully qualified team is trained to complete the process with the greatest care for the deceased.

For more information about this process, please contact us.


This can aid in moving the grieving process forward.

While viewing is a very personal decision, it often helps people come to terms with the reality of a loved one’s death. This can aid in the grieving process and help begin to bring closure.

Viewing is also a time when family and friends may wish to place keepsakes or mementos in the casket.

In our experience, children can benefit from an opportunity to view a loved one – to say farewell and participate in funeral preparations.

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Looking for more information?

In this brochure you will find helpful information on what to think about if you are planning a funeral for someone who has died, or pre-planning your own or someone else’s funeral. We hope this information offers you some insight and reassurance that we are here to support you every step of the way.

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