Our Hearse

Transport your loved one from the funeral venue to their final location in style with our custom built Mercedes hearse.

Our Hearse

Based on the iconic and timeless E Class Mercedes Benz, this custom build for Affinity Funerals has taken two years to refine and complete.

In partnership with the Italian Coach Builders Pilato Spa in the Northern Italian Provence of Treviso, one of only two companies in Europe authorised and indorsed by Mercedes to construct hearses, Affinity has conceptualised and bought to reality the first ‘Oceanic Hearse’ to meet the needs of New Zealand’s unique funeral culture. This beautifully crafted vehicle is another way Affinity can honour your loved one in Central Otago and maintain the important element of  procession in the Funeral Ceremony.

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Looking for more information?

In this brochure you will find helpful information on what to think about if you are planning a funeral for someone who has died, or pre-planning your own or someone else’s funeral. We hope this information offers you some insight and reassurance that we are here to support you every step of the way.

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