Aftercare & post funeral

Affinity is here not only to help arrange the funeral, but to offer you the advice and assistance you need following the funeral.


Following a cremation, the ashes of your loved one are returned to the funeral home within 2-3 days and can remain for a period until a decision is made regarding their final resting place. Whether it’s scattering, interring in a cemetery, or keeping them at home, our funeral directors are happy to assist you through the process.


After the funeral service, it is common to want to acknowledge the gifts and generosity of friends and family.

Affinity can create personalised acknowledgement cards on request and provide you with assistance in placing acknowledgement notices.

Headstones & Plaques

Whether you decide on a burial or cremation, there are a range of memorial options. Affinity can provide advice and assistance in the personalisation, purchase and erection of granite headstones, as well as granite, brass, bronze and Returned Services plaques. We can also arrange additional inscriptions and restoration of existing monuments.

Sample plaques are available for viewing at our premises, or you can contact:

Dunedin Monumental Masons 
150 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin or (03) 476 4006

John Swan and Co Ltd
366 Moray Place, Dunedin (Cast Bronze Plaques only) or (03) 477 2064

Bereavement & Grieving

It is not unusual to feel lost or alone in the days and weeks after a loved one’s death. Grief is a natural emotion, like a wound which must heal over time.

The ultimate goal of grief and mourning is to take you beyond your initial reactions to the loss – to a place where you can live with the loss in a healthy way.

Assistance through this period can be invaluable – and an immensely effective aid to the grieving process.

If you feel you need support or advice, Affinity is able to connect you with a wide range of organisations that exist to help those who have suffered a loss.

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Looking for more information?

In this brochure you will find helpful information on what to think about if you are planning a funeral for someone who has died, or pre-planning your own or someone else’s funeral. We hope this information offers you some insight and reassurance that we are here to support you every step of the way.

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